Floating Storage Cabinet Solid with Sliding Doors

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Place of Origin:Mainland China

Payment Method/Terms:Paypal/TT

Minimum Order Quantity:200 sets

Price in Fob Terms:Depends on customised product based on minimum order quantity

Shipping Charge:Warehouse to any major port of Mainland China

Dimension:Customization is required

What is a liquor cabinet?:Also called cellarette or cellaret is a small furniture cabinet, available in various sizes, shapes, and designs which is used to store bottles of alcoholic beverages such as wine or whiskey. They usually come with some type of security such as a lock to protect the contents. Such wooden containers for alcoholic beverages appeared in Europe as early as the fifteenth century. They first appeared in America in the early eighteenth century and were popular through the nineteenth century. They were usually made of a decorative wood and sometimes had special designs so as to conceal them from the casual observer. They were found in pubs, taverns, and homes of the wealthy.

What is a liquor cabinet made of?:We recommend wood as the prioritized choice.Wood furnished piece offers elegance, charm and sophistication to any room. Although you might pay more to begin with for a piece of solid wood furniture, wood is more valuable than other material used in furniture manufacturing. Wood’s natural grain guarantees that each piece of furniture is unique.

How to maintain wooden furniture?:Wooden furniture, with its vintage charm, adds a sense of allure to your home. Any wooden piece is a center piece worthy of all attention. It is for this very reason that one must give its maintenance extra care and attention. But it’s extremely important to know what helps and what does not.Here are a few valuable tips that could help you maintain your furniture better.

-Dust it well

-Minimal exposure to sunlight

-Be mindful to temperature

-Let it age with grace

-Keep sharp objects at bay

-Oil and wax regularly

-Use warm water for cleaning

How do you get connected with us?:For order inquiry,kindly let us know through qhf@bebangso.com with your detailed requirements so that we could help you better.

For after sale issues,kindly drop your mail to qnhifen@gmail.com.We will support you within our capacity.

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